Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Guess the Question

Question structures are often more difficult than answers so chances to practice questions are always valuable. Choose a strong student to model this activity with. Write an everyday question and answer on the board, for example:

Question: How are you?
Answer: I'm fine.

Draw some arrows on the board to suggest that you are switching the order of the conversation, so that the answer comes first. Say the answer, and have a student say the question. Now, write the answer to another simple question on the board, e.g. 'My name's (John.)' and elicit an appropriate question from the student, e.g. 'What's your name?' If the student phrases the question properly then move on to another answer, this time without writing it on the board. Make the answers more difficult and see how long the student can continue producing questions. If you'd like to do this as a teacher-led activity, see the attached worksheet for 25 answer/question ideas. Otherwise, arrange the students into pairs and have them play together. Ensure that they change roles halfway through the activity.

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