Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Write a word on the board and circle the last letter. Then, write another word underneath that begins with the letter you circled. Repeat this with the second word and continue until students get the idea. If you want to play the game verbally then choose a strong student to model with and say the first word that you wrote on the board. Then, point to the second word and ask the student to read it. Continue until you reach the end of the list and then encourage the student to think of his or her own answers. Go back and forth a few times with this student and then arrange the class into pairs, giving them all a word to start with, such as 'English.'

You can do this as a written activity by arranging students into pairs and having them work together to create a list of words, each beginning with the last letter of the previous one. Give them a time limit and have the pairs race each other. Once the time limit has been reached, allocate points for every correctly spelt word to decide a winner.

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