Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Superlatives Quiz

Have teams or pairs compete in a quick general knowledge quiz, where the answers require gramatically correct superlative statements, for example, 'The cheetah is the fastest animal.' Here are some examples of questions you can use.

What’s the fastest animal? (The cheetah)

What’s the longest river in the world? (The Nile)

What’s the biggest country in the world? (Russia)

What’s the tallest waterfall in the world? (Angel Falls, Venezuela)

What’s the biggest animal ever to exist? (The Blue Whale)

What’s the world’s largest ocean? (The Pacific)

What’s the smallest country in the world? (The Vatican)

What’s the tallest mountain in the world? (Mount Everest from the ground or Mauna Kea from the ocean floor.)

What’s the largest desert in the world? (The Sahara)

What’s the most deadly spider to humans? (The Sydney Funnel Web Spider)

What’s the most widely spoken first language? (Mandarin Chinese)

What’s the most densely populated country? (Monaco)

What’s the most widely recognized word in the world? (OK/Okay)

What’s the most visited country in the world? (France, according to 2007 World Tourism Organization statistics)

What is the most heavily populated country in the world? (China)

Which country produces the most cars? (Japan)

Which country has the highest obesity level in the world? (The United States,according to 2005 OECD statistics)

Which country consumes the highest amount of chocolate per person?

(Switzerland, according to the Chocolate Manufacturers Association)

Which country is home to the most languages? (Papua New Guinea – over700!)

Pound for pound, what’s the strongest animal in the world? (The Rhinoceros Beetle – it can lift 850 times its own weight!)

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