Monday, 31 May 2010

Write a Music Video Review

Idea taken from Nik Peachey

Listening to songs in English is a great way to improve your listening skills, but if you write about them you can also improve your writing.

It's easy to find music videos. Just got to the Musicians channel on YouTube or type the name of your favourite singer or band into the search field.

  • Or type in the name of a singer or band you like and click on search.
  • Find a video clip and listen to it.
  • Now write about the clip. You can use these starter sentences to help you
  1. The mood of the music is…
  2. The song is about…
  3. The singer's voice is…
  4. The singer reminds me of…
  5. The video makes me think of….
  6. What I like about the song is…
  7. What I like about the video is…
  8. I don't like….
  • Once you have finished, you could post your review as a comment on YouTube. To do this you'll need to register first and then log in.

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