Monday, 28 June 2010

Behaviour Problems: Students who arrive late

Here are some classroom management strategies for dealing with students who are late for lessons:

1. Have clear rules on punctuality
Students need to know that there is a clear rule in place with regard to punctuality. They need to know what the consequence is for being late and they need to know that this will be consistently applied by staff.

2. Don't let a late arrival disrupt the flow of the lesson
When a student arrives late, direct them to their seat but don't address the fact they were late until after the lesson. A brief... "Everything OK? Sit their please, you can explain after the lesson why you were late." better than getting drawn into an argument which other students may enjoy.

3. Always follow up lateness and ensure pupil makes up missed work
Students need to know that the consequence for being late will always be applied no matter what their excuse may be. Make sure you always spend a minute or two after the lesson finding out what the problem was and giving them the work they must catch up - either at home or in break.

4. Have a reward system which acknowledges those who come on time
Students like to do well. Good attendance is something that all students can achieve, regardless of ability and it should be acknowledged like any other social skill. Competition between groups is a good motivator.

5. Keep records.
Get pupils to fill in a form giving reason for late arrival and the time they arrived. Send copies home with notification of consequences if it continues.

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