Tuesday, 14 December 2010

101 Santa Questions

Idea taken from Sean Banville
  1. Does Santa Claus really exist?
  2. What does Christmas mean to Santa?
  3. What colour skin does Santa have?
  4. Was Santa a good student at school?
  5. What kind of child was Santa?
  6. Who are Santa’s neighbors?
  7. How does he remember who wants what for Xmas?
  8. How does he write so many Xmas cards?
  9. Has Santa ever come close to hitting or being hit by an airplane while on his sleigh?
  10. What are Santa’s thoughts on child labor?
  11. Where does Santa go shopping?
  12. Does Santa shop around to get the best deals on toys? Does he get a discount?
  13. Is Santa an optimist or a pessimist?
  14. If Santa died and was reincarnated, what would he want to come back as?
  15. Does Santa like Christmas turkey and Christmas pudding?
  16. What kind of house does Santa live in?
  17. Does Santa prefer children or adults?
  18. What’s Santa’s advice for any would-be Santas?
  19. Why is Santa a saint?
  20. What does Santa do between December 26 and Dec 23?
  21. Are there any special rules Santa has to follow?
  22. Is Santa into Harry Potter?
  23. What does Santa think about spoiled kids?
  24. Does Santa’s sleigh have air-bags, navigation or in-sleigh stereo?
  25. What does Santa Claus / Christmas look like in your country?
  26. Does there need to be snow for Santa Claus to exist?
  27. How does Santa have so much energy?
  28. How does he stay awake so long?
  29. How does he get into houses that have no chimneys?
  30. Does he earn any money?
  31. Who was Santa when he was a child?
  32. Does he really like children?
  33. Does Santa have any bad habits?
  34. Which country does he like visiting best?
  35. What does he do on December 26 (Boxing Day)?
  36. How many languages can he speak?
  37. Can children from the Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, or other faiths be visited by Santa?
  38. Why does he wear red and white?
  39. What does Santa think about the commercialization of Christmas?
  40. What does he do in the week before Xmas?
  41. What’s his favourite sport?
  42. If Santa could choose a present, what would he choose?
  43. Why does he live in the North Pole, where it is so cold?
  44. Does he ever shave?
  45. Is he married?
  46. Does he have children of his own?
  47. Has Santa ever done anything bad?
  48. What does he do about children who don’t believe in Santa?
  49. Will he retire one day? What will he do if he does?
  50. Does he have a garden?
  51. What does Santa think about today's world leaders?
  52. How did Santa get the job of being Santa?
  53. Should he be worried about his weight, or go on a diet?
  54. What’s Santa’s favourite Xmas song?
  55. Where does Santa go on vacation?
  56. What’s Santa’s native language?
  57. What websites does Santa visit?
  58. Is Santa always on time when he delivers his presents?
  59. What happens if he delivers a present and it doesn’t work?
  60. Why does he give American kids expensive big presents, but nothing to African kids?
  61. If Santa could change career, what would he choose to do?
  62. What are Santa’s hobbies?
  63. Did Santa ever meet Jesus?
  64. What kind of personality does Santa have at a party with adults?
  65. What does Santa wear when he gets out of his red and white Santa suit?
  66. What does Santa do if a child really hates a present?
  67. Does Santa prefer a white Xmas, or one without snow?
  68. What happens if a child he has presents for has been really, really naughty?
  69. From what age does Santa stop giving presents to Children?
  70. I’m 42 years old and I believe in Santa. Can I get a present?
  71. What is Santa’s advice for parents raising children?
  72. What one thing would Santa like to change about Christmas?
  73. Does Santa like the new computer toys or the traditional wooden ones best?
  74. What does Santa think when he comes down the chimney and there are already loads of presents under the tree?
  75. What does Santa do if a child’s parents haven’t bought any presents, or have no money?
  76. What does Santa think of all the guys who pretend to be Santa and sit in department store toy departments?
  77. How does Santa deal with the change in climate from Northern winters to Southern summers?
  78. Is Santa happy about competing with Jesus for attentions at Christmas?
  79. Wouldn’t he prefer a name change to Santamas?
  80. If Santa had one wish for the world, what would it be?
  81. Has Santa thought about starting a Santa training school?
  82. Is Santa worried about having to relocate because of global warming?
  83. Is Santa any good at sport?
  84. Will Santa ever retire?
  85. What does Santa think of technology?
  86. Why do British people call Santa ‘Father Christmas’?
  87. Is Santa good at building snowmen, or having snowball fights?
  88. Does Santa belong just to this world, or does he visit other planets?
  89. What are Santa’s bad habits?
  90. What’s Santa’s dream?
  91. Does Santa send Christmas cards?
  92. Who buys presents for Santa?
  93. What’s Santa’s favourite toy?
  94. Does Santa prefer to give toys, clothes or books?
  95. What’s his address
  96. What’s Santa’s favorite movie?
  97. Does Santa watch television?
  98. Does Santa have any brothers and sisters?
  99. What does ‘ho-ho-ho’ mean?
  100. How much is Santa’s salary?
  101. Does he get any bonuses?

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