Monday, 7 February 2011

The Broken Spoon

Bring to class a broken plastic spoon, a soft rubberball and the flashcards. Write on the board
"Who broke the spoon? You broke it!"
"It wasn't me. I was cooking."
Give each of the students a flashcard, tell them to prepare defending themselves. Throw the rubberball to one of them and say accusingly:
You broke it" The student answered giving as an alibi the action on the card.
I collected the flashcard that had been used so it was easy for the students to pick out a person who hadn't had a turn, to whom they should throw the ball. They enjoyed the drill and started acting out their roles as accuser and blameless accused. They also wanted to know who had broken the spoon. So when they have all given their excuses, let them accuse you and admit you have done it.

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