Wednesday, 23 February 2011

There is and There are

The first thing I do is elicit and write on the board 20 things you can find in a country. ex. cities, buildings, roads, rivers, etc... try to stick to countables for these.

Then I tell the students i have some good news. they get to make their own country. They need to write down 15 things (from the board) that are in their country. And make sure they write down if there is one river, some rivers or many rivers. so their lists will look like this:

There is a city.
There are some roads.
There are many beaches.

After the students have written down what is in their country and named their country I tell them Ihave some bad news. The bad news is, they are being kicked out of the country they are in now. So they need to find a new country to live in. fortunately, now there are many countries to choose from. so each student must interview 3 different countries and pick the best one for them.

First they will need some paper with a list of the 20 things in a country and 3 columns to keep track of the info they get.

So they go to the first country and ask their questions:
Are there any cities? Yes, there is one city.
Are there any beaches? Yes, there are many beaches.
Are there any mountains? No, there aren't any mountains.

The interviewer writes down on their paper one, some, many or none for each thing in each of the 3 countries.

Then to wrap it up, ask them to pick their favorite country and why?

Extension: write about the country you choose and why?

If you can't tell, this exercise takes a lot of time. If you don't have a lot of time, try eliciting fewer things and interviewing fewer countries.

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