Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Whiteboard Game

Idea by Vladimira Michalkova

1. Choose few words you taught recently (5-6)
2. Write them on the board and draw a circle around each of them
3. Point at the first one and read it to your students, ask them to repeat it (more than once)
4. Wipe out the word and leave the circle empty
5. Go on the second word, read it, students repeat and wipe out but now get back to the first empty circle and ask them to repeat the word from the circle.
6. Continue with the other words until all that left are empty circles
7. and now comes the funniest part – point at the empty circles and ask them to say the word that was inside, choose the circles randomly (of course, you have to remember what words where in the circles :) ).

If possible, leave the empty circles on the board until next lesson and use them as a warmer. You will be surprised how well they remember what words were inside the circles (and how they are pronounced).

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