Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Keep teens talking

- Use role-play activities.
- Show the students news and make them explain them or give their opinion.
- Record the students when you do a speaking activity.
- Work on the topic 'Humor'. Get students telling jokes.
- Make them interview a partner. They could pretend they are a famous person. Record them, it is a good idea, and also give them positive feedback.
- Make students talk to each other and then they tell the other students what the other person has explained to them.
- Students have to talk about an object they have brought to class, telling the story behind it.

- Make sure the topic you have chosen is interesting to them.

- Work on vocabulary or expressions that will be useful before starting the speaking activity.
- Give positive points to students who speak 100% in English.
- Allow students to rehearse.
- When students explain you something pretend you know nothing about it. It makes them feel motivated to explain it and teach you something.

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