Friday, 4 March 2011

Missing San Francisco sea Lions “off Oregon”

Level – Intermediate

Broad Aims – Writing a short news report; editing and improving a piece of writing.

Pre-writing stage
Show the headline for some quick guesswork and any vocabulary needed +/- show the related video with or without sound
Show the wordle and get groups to brainstorm ideas for an article using ALL the words

Writing & Reading
Groups write 1st draft of article in groups
Show video with sound on or off (from same link) and ask Ss to edit/improve article ( but you can move this stage to the pre-writing if you like)
Groups read out or post out their articles on the wall of the class for other groups to visit and read and comment on.
Individually Ss read news story online or on handout and compare.
Class votes which story closest to original or which story they liked best.
Class does any comprehension work you think suited to level of class for gist, scanning, etc
Groups or pairs do some language focused work on article. They can choose and highlight any words or phrases they liked from original article and notice how they were used; they can be invited to compare with own use of vocab and make any comments. They can declare which ones they could ’steal’ from the article in order to improve their own.
Groups write final draft of own article.

Further related activities
Groups can be invited to choose from amongst this list of follow- ups.

Act out and videotape interviews with some sea lion experts
Do some web search and find more facts or details to pad out original article
Improve their own articles by recombining groups and doing some rewriting
Improvise the script for the video (if you have not used it so far, show it without sound) Students can add voices by using some other tool which allows you to do voiceovers - though it might be hard or impossible to download BBC videos. Still, this can be done perhaps with other videos
Individuals research for information on the web (even in their own language) about some other animal’s migrating habits to create a similar text – they can be asked to create a wordle from their text which they can bring to class for a follow up lesson.

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