Sunday, 17 April 2011

Pass the Word

Prepare a slide with some questions and answers which use the target language you’ve been studying:

Have you got a sharpener?

Yes. It’s in my pencil case.

Can I borrow a pencil?

Yes. Here you are.

Can you help me please?

Yes. Just a minute.

How do you spell ‘biscuit’?


What do I do now?

Help Maria, please.

Whose turn is it?

It’s your turn!

Cover both columns so that only the first question is visible. Ask a child if he/she can guess what the answer is. If he/she answers correctly reveal it and show the second question to the next child. The second child has to guess the answer to the second question and so on. If a child gets the answer to his/her question wrong, reveal the right answer and the cover all the questions and answers except for the first question and start the game again with the next child. Once you’ve finished the game, play a new round, this time revealing the answers, getting the children to guess the questions.

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