Sunday, 8 May 2011

I Saw Her Standing There - Good Activity

This activity was presented on the last Macmillan's Teacher's Day I attended in Barcelona. In the first part, students have to answer some kind of Reading Comprehension Questions taking a picture into account and adding some imagination. After that they have to write a short text using their answers to the questions and finally, they have to compare their answers to the real answers after listening to The Beatles' song "I Saw Her Standing There". I found it very interesting.

1) How old was the girl?
2) What did she look like?
3) Why didn't the boy want to dance with another girl?
4) What was the girl doing when he saw her?
5) Who did she look at?
6) What could the boy see?
7) Did he think he would fall in love with her=
8) Did she dance with anyone else?
9) What did his heart do when he walked across the room to her?
10) Did he hold her hand?
11) How long did they dance for?
12) Did he fall in love with her?
13) Did they get on well?
14) Does he think he'll ever fall in love with another girl?

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