Thursday, 5 May 2011


Voxopop is a web based audio tool that enables users to record their speaking for others to listen and respond to. It allows teachers and students to build up threaded audio discussions online similar to those on a text based bulletin board.

How to use it with students

Discussion points - Record a series of controversial statements and ask students to respond to each one.

Narrative building - Record the first sentence of a narrative and then ask students to listen to the thread and add a sentence each to the story.

Dictations - Record your own online dictation texts. Get the students to listen to the text, and write down what they hear and then record their own version of the text for you and other students to listen to.

True false statements - Record some statements about yourself and get students to leave questions for you to find out which of the statements are true. You can leave your answers to the questions online too. You could allow students a week to leave questions for you to answer, then in class you can get them to tell you which statements are true or false. You could also get students to create their own true false statements and question each other about them.

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