Sunday, 5 June 2011

Last One Standing - Song Activity

First preteach the vocabulary of the song. The easiest way is to either get the students to categorize the words (living , dead, abstract or by colour, size, or their own way...). Another way to preteach is for them to ask you questions or each other questions using the words. Anyway, decide the way that suits you best.

Then each student chooses one word and writes it nice and big on a piece of paper or small whiteboard. Everyone stands up and listens to the song. If they hear their word, they sit down. Last one standing wins. Play in groups so if a person sits down they are still interested to see if their group wins.... Another great variation is to let them stand up if the word is said a second time, they can get back into the game!

I would combine it with another activity for the song.

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