Monday, 5 September 2011

Answers on the board

The teacher writes five to ten pieces of information about themselves on the board as very short answers to personal questions e.g. “Three” (for “How many sisters you have?” or any other question that “three” is the true answer to) and “London” (for “Where were you born?” or any other suitable question such as “What was the last British city you visited?”). Students score one point for each question they ask that gets an answer that is written on the board, until all the answers have been ticked off. If the students ask a question that has a different answer from the one written on the board, the teacher just answers the question, e.g. “None” for “How many brothers do you have?” or “Provence” for “Where do your parents live?” The students can continue the game in groups, either preparing their answers on blank paper before they start asking questions or giving each answer to guess the question for orally one at a time as they think of them.

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