Monday, 5 September 2011

Hardest Test of the Year

Set up classroom for test. Tell pupils this is hardest test they will do all year (works well with Y6 as can compare to SATs).

Tell them you'll start with an easy question... such as, 'What is my favourite colour Midget Gem?' - after a few doubtful glances around, one brave person will ask how they're supposed to know that. But keep up the pretence that this is a serious test.
Ask other questions such as:
What is my dog's name? How many cm from my house to school?
Which 16 countries of the world have I visited? What is my car
number plate? What is my favourite colour? What is my favourite

This creates a lovely opportunity for them to find out some ‘secrets’ about you so they feel special and privileged. The winner could get a small prize, or give a small treat to everyone as they have all done well if they get even one correct!
If you have a learning platform, follow it up by asking them to post a quiz about themselves for others to answer over the holidays.

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