Thursday, 22 November 2012


Auction is a game where the sold goods is sentences. You will need a list of sentences for it and your strong voice. In the list some sentences should be correct and some wrong. Examples of such lists are uploaded here. The selection of the grammar in sentences depends on the level of your students. So the game is suitable for ALL levels as well as for VARIOUS grammar points. You can even use students´ own sentences with mistakes. Students work in pairs. They should get a chance to look at the sentences and decide which they want. The aim of the game is to buy more correct sentences than the others and to save the most money at the same time. When they are ready, auction the sentences. It is quite "your-voice-demanding" and you will speak most of the time but it often leads to competitions among pairs and fun. At the end of the auction, when the best buyer is known, ask students to explain the mistakes to those who did not find them.

Idea taken from BUSY TEACHER.

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