Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Board Concentration

To prepare, draw two 3x3 grids on a piece of paper and choose nine key vocabulary words to write in the squares in each grid. The positions of the words should be different in grids 1 and 2, but you must use the same nine words for each grid. At the start of your class, draw two 3x3 grids on the board. Label the squares in the first grid 1-9, and in the second, A-I. Students can play this game in teams or individually, depending on class size. Have the first student say a number and tell the class the corresponding word from your first grid. Then, have this student say a letter and tell them the corresponding word from your second grid. If the words match, and the student can spell the word correctly, a point is awarded. If not, it is the next student's turn. It is a more challenging version of the well-known game of concentration. To make it even more challenging, you can have concepts in the first grid, and examples in the second. Alternatively, the students could have to match opposites or synonyms.

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