Monday, 7 February 2011

Mystery word

  1. Students take turns playing the pyramid game. One team has a 'mystery' word, for example, "cake." 'cake' would look like this on the game card:
    • Coffee
    • Apple
    • Korea
    • Elephant. (one MYSTERY word and four hint words...)
  2. The team with the mystery word has to help the other team guess the word.
  3. Students use the hint words to help the other team. For example, the first hint word in the example above is "Coffee." Students can say: I'm sleepy, Boss, Georgia, Black, My dad drinks this often, etc.
  4. The guessing student will most like say, "Ah! Coffee!" They then write the first letter of the hint word in the word blank on their worksheet.
  5. The game is over when the students can guess the MYSTERY word.

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