Monday, 7 February 2011

What can you do with an apple?

Teacher or pupil (in turns) asks the group: What can we do with an apple? (or all the nouns they know), In 15 seconds (or+) individually or in group, the students must come up with answers: from the obvious "We can eat it." to more "original" ones: "We can make jam with it." "We can throw it." "We can cook it." etc... Points for each acceptable answer, or point for the acceptable and original (no one else said it before). The teacher can use easy nouns or more tricky ones: one-pound note, or double sense ones: match, etc. Or even change a bit to: "What can't you do without a boat?" "We can't cross the river.", "We can't sleep in the river." We cannot go on a cruiser." "We cannot spend the Sunday cleaning it!

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