Sunday, 17 April 2011

Jumbled questions race.

Write some jumbled questions using the target language you’ve been practising on the board e.g.

time /What / you / do / up / get / ? ___________________________________
breakfast / you / time / What / do/ have / ? ___________________________________
go / to / school / you / time / What / do / ? ___________________________________

Divide the children into pairs or small groups and appoint a secretary for each group. Tell the children to unjumble the words to make correct questions. Once a group has finished unjumbling a question they have to come to the front of the classroom and show it to you to make sure it’s correct. If the question is correct, write the answer next to the question (or whisper it in the child’s ear). If they haven’t unjumbled the question correctly, send them back to their table to try again. The team that collects all the answers from you first is the winner.

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