Monday, 6 June 2011

Disappearing Dialogue

Disappearing dialogues is a very much used language teaching technique

1. Elicit and write the dialogue. Or use a prepared dialogue.

2. Students practice in pairs.

3. Once they are comfortable with the dialogue. Disappear some parts. Continue disappearing more…

4. Rebuild the dialogue together to finish.

Don’t worry if they put in their own language/words and don’t “get” the dialogue perfectly!!!! The aim is practice and specific practice of language in a specific context.

Very low tech. and can be used in an instant. The perfect activity if you need to teach at the last minute!

Another option for a teacher is to use the “PEN” on ppt and erase that way. Right click the page (when in slideshow/presentation) and select, “pointer options” . Select the pen.

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